The Wider Earth Images: Mark Doucet
The Wider Earth Images: Mark Doucet

The Wider Earth has extended its run at the Jerwood Gallery at The Natural History Museum.

Playing in a custom-built theatre part of the Jerwood Gallery at London’s Natural History Museum, The Wider Earth tells the story about the young Charles Darwin’s expedition on HMS Beagle.

Featuring a cast of seven, and 30 extraordinary hand-crafted puppets representing the exotic wildlife that Darwin encountered. The Wider Earth is a coming-of-age story which celebrates the incredible complexity of our planet.

The Natural History Museum’s Director of Engagement Clare Matterson told Encore Radio:

The Wider Earth has had a fantastic reception and helped attract new audiences to the Museum so we are delighted to be able to extend its performance run and allow more people to see this captivating drama.”

The Wider Earth will play until 24th February.



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