5 Reasons Why Performing Arts Is Important In Children’s Development

Stagecoach Performing Arts

With thanks to the team at Stagecoach, here are five reasons that explain why performing arts is important in a child’s development.

In recent years, the lack of funding in education has seen creative subjects across the country being cut for more emphasis on core academic subjects. However, studies have shown that children who take part in performing arts are not only more confident, but they often perform better in core subjects such as Maths and English.

Performing Arts allows children to be themselves, and to be confident in who they are. The skills they learn at Stagecoach are not only fun and engaging but provide children with experience and the key life skills such as discipline and perseverance to help them succeed later on in life. Having a special interest such as performing arts provides children with a platform to grow into a well-rounded confident and resilient individuals.

1. Building well rounded confident individuals

It is rapidly becoming more common that young people can’t or won’t speak on the phone, because it is an unprepared conversation that takes them way out of their comfort zones. With the boom in online services, you can order food, book taxis or have medical consultations without uttering a word. With the addition of reduced arts classes in schools, children are not exposed to the vital skills they will need in later life. Performing arts help boost children’s confidence which has real life applications such as presentations in meetings, in job interviews or even just to be able to talk to someone in person. Stagecoach educational framework focuses on teaching students team-working skills, empathy and most importantly how to develop strong relationships.

2. Giving and receiving constructive criticism

No one is perfect, a fact that some children find hard to understand. Being shut down or told they are wrong can have a huge impact on their confidence, but in performance arts, receiving constructive criticism develops resilience in children giving them life skills. At Stagecoach, children are taught how to give and receive feedback. Whether it be missing a note or forgetting their steps in a dance routine, they learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. Further, it teaches them to never give up, even when they fail or feel like they aren’t improving. Children are encouraged to flourish and grow.

3. Discipline and perseverance

The vast majority of successful performers only became who they are through hours and hours of practice and dedication – after all, practice makes perfect. Often, practice is overlooked and success is put down to natural talent you are born with, but learning perseverance and self-worth teaches children to be confident walking through life.
Through performing arts children learn discipline as they must set aside time to practice their skills. At Stagecoach students learn to constantly develop new skills and abilities in order to become better at their craft. Auditions can be a scary and daunting process, but Stagecoach teaches students to never give up.

4. There are no wrong answers.

In maths, science or languages there are clear right and wrong answers. The pressure of tests and grades can be very stressful and have a negative effect on a child’s mental health. Performing arts is subjective, relieving the pressure of right and wrong, giving children the confidence and freedom to be themselves without pressure or fear of doing it wrong. Students develop their ability to overcome anxiety in these situations and build the bravery their parents want them to have.

5. Getting fitter and letting off steam

Dancing is bound to get your child fit in no time at all, but acting and singing can burn off a lot of energy too. This increased activity can make a momentous difference to some children. All forms of performing arts allow kids to express any pent up emotions they might be feeling. Perhaps they’re getting bullied at school or maybe they’ve fallen out with a friend. No matter what they’re going through, they can demonstrate their anger and frustration through their performance, in a safe, non-critical environment. Letting off steam in this fashion is good for their mental health, as they won’t be bottling up these emotions.

Stagecoach believes that the performing arts should be available to all children so they learn, grow and thrive in a creative environment. At Stagecoach Performing Arts we teach those life skills through the powerful medium of the performing arts. We call this brilliant education Creative Courage For Life.


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