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About Aladdin

This award-winning musical opened to rave reviews at the Prince Edward Theatre in London and continues to wow audiences on Broadway and the West End with its memorable music.

Spectacular sets and glittering performance bring a magical show to life with a genie and even flying carpets in the theatre.

The show is based on the 1992 Disney animated film of the same name and is the well-known story of a street urchin who is persuaded to find a magic lamp, which contains an even more magic Genie!

Famous songs such as “Friend Like Me”, as well as the Academy Award-winning “A Whole New World”, composed by Disney mastermind Alan Menken, Aladdin the Musical is a smash-hit success.




Based on the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, Aladdin the Musical is the spectacular Broadway musical adapted from the smash-hit award-winning 1992 Disney classic of the same name. Following street urchin Aladdin, who is used to stealing from the market place, he only wishes that he could make his mother proud by doing something more worthwhile. With help from his friends; Kassim, Omar and Babkak, Aladdin attempts to earn some money by dancing in the streets, where he bumps into a disguised Princess Jasmine.

Jasmine is confined within the palace walls day after day, and longs to be free to explore her city. With her father, the Sultan, attempting to organise an arranged marriage between her and a rich Prince, she just wants to run away. Disguising herself, she escapes to the market place, where she runs into Aladdin. The pair immediately fall under each other’s spell, but when some angry guards appear, they are forced to flee to Aladdin’s humble home. Together, they dream of a better life where they are free to do as they wish.

Meanwhile, evil Jafar and his sidekick Iago are plotting ways to overthrow the Sultan, and they come across the story of a magic lamp locked away in the Cave of Wonders. Inside this lamp is rumoured to be a magical Genie who can grant any wish, but the only person that can enter the legendary cave is an alleged Diamond in the Rough. Iago asks the spirits to show him the mysterious Diamond, and Aladdin is revealed.

Jafar and Iago go to the market place and quickly persuade Aladdin to help them, by telling him that it will finally be a way to make his mother proud, and they will make him rich for his efforts. Aladdin goes into the Cave of Wonders and discovers the magic lamp. Although he has been told not to touch anything else in the cave, his curiosity gets the better of him and he picks up some golden treasures. When the cave entrance slams shut, Aladdin has nothing to do and ends up rubbing the magic lamp. Soon, Genie appears and says he will grant Aladdin any three wishes his heart desires.

Aladdin first wishes to be free from the cave, followed by a wish to become a Prince to win the heart of Princess Jasmine. Disguised as Prince Ali, Aladdin enters the palace and impresses the Sultan, much to the annoyance of Jafar. Unfortunately, Aladdin comes across as far too cocky in his new guise, and Jasmine is less than impressed. Attempting to woo her, Aladdin takes her on a magic carpet ride, revealing his true identity.

Unfortunately, Jafar soon realises Prince Ali’s true identity, and stealing the lamp, has Aladdin and his friends locked up in the palace dungeon. But they all work together to overthrow the nasty Jafar, and the Sultan agrees that Aladdin can marry Jasmine as thanks for saving the city. As his third and final wish, Aladdin wishes that Genie can be free of living in the lamp!


Film (1992) – Disney's "Aladdin" is a love story between a common thief and a beautiful princess. The film was written by Murray Chapman, and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. Voice talents included Scott Weinger as Aladdin, Robin Williams as the Genie and Linda Larkin as Jasmine. It was Disney's 31st full-length animated feature and was released on November 25, 1992. Aladdin is a kind-hearted, yet street-wise orphan who lives with his faithful monkey Abu in the bustling town of Agrabah. Princess Jasmine is the Sultan's daughter, who lives in an opulent castle overlooking the city. Jasmine grows weary of remaining in the palace and her father's demands for her to choose a prince as her husband. She argues that marriage should be for love and not for obedience to a law and refuses to obey him.


Jasmine escapes the palace to the marketplace, where she meets the care-free Aladdin. He is instantly love struck by the beautiful princess, but soon after gets thrown in jail at the orders of the evil Jafar, the Sultan's advisor. The event puts Aladdin in the middle of Jafar's wicked plan to rule the land with the help of a magic lamp. When retrieving the lamp from the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin and Abu become trapped and discover the Genie confined within it.


Aladdin and Abu become friends with the humorous Genie and decide to keep the lamp for themselves. Aladdin decides to use one of his three wishes to become a prince and win Jasmine's heart and hand in marriage. However, Jafar steals the lamp and Aladdin comes to the realization that the only way to defeat Jafar, save the kingdom of Agrabah and earn Jasmine's affections is to be honest with her about pretending to be a prince.


Jasmine forgives Aladdin for being dishonest about his true identity. Instead of using his third wish to become a real prince, Aladdin wishes for the Genie's freedom. Princess Jasmine proclaims her love for Aladdin and the Sultan agrees to change the law, allowing her to marry whomever she desires. She immediately chooses Aladdin and they begin their new life together.


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Prince Edward Theatre
Old Compton Street

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