We take you behind the scenes in rehearsals for Royal Shakespeare Company’s new musical – The Boy In The Dress.

The Encore Radio team joined rehearsals of The Boy In The Dress in London to speak to some of the creative team to find out more about the show.

In today’s episode, we speak to Guy Chambers and Bruce O’Neil about the music for The Boy In The Dress.

The Boy in the Dress, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) new musical runs at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from 8 November.

About The Boy In The Dress

Dennis is 12 years old and his school football team’s star striker. But when Mum leaves home, life is tough. The only reminder Dennis has of Mum is a photo of her in a beautiful yellow dress. A dress rather like the one on the cover of Vogue on sale at Raj’s newsagents. And also a bit like the one that Lisa James, the coolest girl in the school, is sketching in her notebook.

What do you do if you like both football and dresses? And what will Mr Hawtrey the headteacher do when he discovers that his strict uniform code has been broken by a boy in a dress?


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