★★★★ | High Fidelity at The Turbine Theatre – “is a breath of fresh air in the British musical theatre scene, it is young, energetic and packed to the brim with humour and great music!”

Where: The Turbine Theatre

Review date: Thursday 31st October 2019

About the Show: 

Rob is the thirty-something owner of a London record shop who’s mastered the art of finding rare vinyl and losing girlfriends. Laura just dumped him, and Rob is totally moving on. Hopefully. Well, there’s a chance it could still work out!

Could Laura actually be “the one?” Might this turn out to be one of the Top 5 Most Romantic Comebacks Ever?!

Encore Rating Factor:

Goosebumps: ★★★★☆
Standing Ovation:★★★★☆
Singalong: ★★★★☆

Our Thoughts: 

This was my first ever visit to the new Turbine Theatre, headed up by Paul Taylor-Mills.

This delightful venue sits just back off the riverside in Battersea, it’s unique and quaint. I believe this venue has a lot of potential to become an innovative and daring venue for the world of new musicals, and I was proven correct when I saw High Fidelity.

High Fidelity is a production that I had never heard of or encountered before, and now I am dying for a cast album.

High Fidelity is based on the original novel by Nick Hornby. This version has been adapted by Vikki Stone, music and lyrics by Tom Kitt and Amanda Green, and directed and choreographed by Tom Jackson Greaves.

We meet Rob the owner of ‘The last real Record store’ based in Camden. Whilst his music collection is one of the finest, his collection of ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends and lovers seem to be haunting him. We see Rob evolve from a senseless, lost person into a far more aware and loving man. High Fidelity is a musical that shows us how we can measure our lives in moments of music and the people we associate those tracks with.

Tom Jackson Greaves makes a triumphant directorial debut with this piece. He’s not afraid of the space he has been given, which some may find challenging. He strived to encompass every inch of space and makes the auditorium feel like a huge West End venue. He approaches the story with care and consideration, but is also not afraid to get to the nitty-gritty. In terms of his choreography, it is fresh, fast and contemporary. I do look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

A fantastic young cast is assembled for this production, with Oliver Ormson leading the way in the title role of Rob. Ormson is a dynamic vocalist showing us how he is capable of singing multiple genres and his range seems to be absolutely endless.

Rob’s Girlfriend/Ex-Girlfriend Laura is played by the gorgeous Shanay Holmes. She has a beautiful softness in her vocal style; however, this is completely changed up as she performs a rock style anthem ‘Number 5 with a bullet’.

Robert Tripolino plays Laura’s new love interest Ian, a fee-loving hippy. Having seen him in the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar earlier this year, this role could not have been more different. I was in fits of laughter every time he was on stage.

Other notable performances came from Bobbie Little as Liz, Eleanor Kane as Marie and Rosie Fletcher as Anna. All of these women are astonishing vocalists, all very different but work brilliantly together.

High Fidelity is a breath of fresh air in the British musical theatre scene, it is young, energetic and packed to the brim with humour and great music!

I implore you all to head down to the Turbine Theatre, I feel this is going to be the upcoming venue to watch out for.


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