Encore Review: Love Is Only Love At The Other Palace

Love Is Only Love By Sam Harrison. Photo: Sam Harrison
Love Is Only Love By Sam Harrison. Photo: Sam Harrison

★★★★★ | Love Is Only Love – ‘is an honest, intelligent, engaging, wonderful piece of theatre.’

Where: The Other Palace

Review date: Tuesday 2nd July 2019

About the Show: 

Love Is Only Love is set in 1993 suburban Australia where a young boy’s life is changed forever when he discovers the passionate romance of Hollywood musicals. So begins a decades-long, round-the-world quest to find his own kind of romance.

Encore Meets: Sam Harrison – Writer Of Love Is Only Love

Encore Rating Factor:

Goosebumps: ★★★★★
Standing Ovation:★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★

Our thoughts: 

Love Is Only Love is an honest, intelligent, engaging, wonderful piece of theatre. Currently playing in the studio space at The Other Palace, this show showcases a charming journey of Sam’s quest to find romance.

Currently headlining The Other Palace’s pride festival, Love Is Only Love is written by Sam Harrison and directed by Jason Morell. The story is a romantic tale told simplistically by two actors using two chairs and a grand piano. Influenced by the majesty and glamour of the classic Hollywood musicals, Sam shares his story of discovering and falling in love. Along the way, we meet Will Mulligan, Ewan Mitchell, Agus Blakelock and finally Marc. It’s when the young Sam meets Marc that a charming teenage love story unfolds. 

Love Is Only Love features two actors; Sam Harrison and David Seadon-Young. Sam plays himself, a young Sam and David plays everyone else in Sam’s life – from Sam’s mother to Marc. Beautifully peppered with classic musical theatre songs such as ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ and ‘Put On Your Sunday Clothes’, the production showcases a relationship between two young men. This relationship is untarnished by sex, popular culture and troubling coming out stories. It’s a love story that Michael Stewart or Oscar Wilde would be proud of.

The show questions that all love stories can be celebrated even when they have a happy ending. A love story between two men doesn’t need to solely focus on the trials and tribulations of sexual health, coming out and discrimination. There are love stories that are whimsical; full of hope, dreams and acceptance. Thank you Sam for sharing your story.

Love Is Only Love is perfect. Every element of this show has been thought about from the choreography by Nicky Griffiths to the direction by Jason Morel and the musical direction by David Keefe.  I personally can’t wait to see where the journey of this musical goes; it plays the studio space of The Other Palace sublimely but I would be interested to see this show in a traditional theatre space.



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