Hit romantic film The Notebook, which sparked a real-life love story between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, is being adapted for Broadway as a musical.

More than a decade after Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams made us all believe in love again, The Notebook is coming to Broadway.

Singer Ingrid Michaelson and This Is Us producer Bekah Brunstetter are adapting the Nicholas Sparks story for the stage. Michaelson made the announcement on US TV show Today…

“I haven’t been able to talk about it because we’ve been in negotiations… I’ve been writing for about a year and a half, so it’s been a long process for me.”

Kevin McCollum and Kurt Deutsch are producing the musical in association with Sparks, according to a news release. No cast has been set.

The novel, which chronicles a couple’s passion-filled and sometimes turbulent relationship, was published in 1996. It was then turned into a 2004 movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a couple who fall in love in the 1940s, then part and later reconnect.

The on-screen chemistry between Gosling and McAdams led to a real-life romance. After meeting on set, they dated from 2005 to 2007 and again for a short period in 2008.


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