10 Musical Theatre Songs That Will Make You Cry

10 Musical Theatre Songs That Will Make You Cry. Photo: Pexels
10 Musical Theatre Songs That Will Make You Cry

Sometimes we just need a good old cry – so here’s a list of musical theatre tear-jerker songs that will help you along.

Musical theatre shows can be a hotbed of emotions; from comedy moments that will have your sides splitting with laughter, to ghoulish moments that will have you leaping out of your seat. However, every good MT fan knows there’s nothing quite like a good old cry in the theatre when the emotion just gets too much.

Some songs have the power to make us cry in the first few bars, while others trigger our feelings as we listen to the lyrics, thinking about the characters or what the songs are saying to us. Either way, the tear-jerker songs selected below will definitely set you off – just make sure you have plenty of tissues nearby.

10 Musical Theatre Songs That Will Make You Cry

10. I’d Give My Life For You – Miss Saigon

A love song sung by our heroine Kim to her son, Tam.

9. Words Fail – Dear Evan Hansen

When Evan admits he has lied, the Murphy’s turn their backs on him and his devastation and desperation cannot fail to bring a tear to your eye.

8. She Used To Be Mine – Waitress

Jenna is frustrated to have lost the woman she once was and mourns the life she once had.

7. Send In The Clowns – A Little Night Music

This desperately moving musical number demonstrates that love can make a fool of all of us, irrespective of age.

6. What I Did For Love – A Chorus Line

When the dancers auditioning realise that everything they have worked for and all their dreams can end in an instant but that they won’t give in because of their love for the craft.

5. Tell Me It’s Not True – Blood Brothers

As the mother of separated twins who lie dead before her, Mrs Johnstone appeals to the Gods that this fate cannot be true!

4. Everything I Know – In The Heights

A bittersweet moment as Nina mourns the loss of ‘Abuela’ Claudia, realising that it was this powerhouse matriarch who helped her study, kept childhood treasures and loved her like her own.

3. For Good – Wicked

The moment two best friends recognise their lives are set on different paths forever but that without each other they wouldn’t have become the people they are.

2. The Letter – Billy Elliot

The heart-wrenching moment we realise that Billy has been reading the letter his dead mother wrote for him to open when he was eighteen years old.

1. I’ll Cover You Reprise – RENT

Sung at the funeral of Angel, his partner, Collins is mourning the loss of his lover to the AIDS epidemic.

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