Full Cast Announced For Killer Joe


The full cast for Tracy Lett’s black comic thriller Killer Joe has been announced, with the West End production starring Orlando Bloom starting next month.


Killer Joe will have a 13 week season from 18 May to 18 August at Trafalgar Studio 1 in Whitehall.

Bloom plays a cop who moonlights as a killer-for-hire.

He will be joined by Sophie Cookson, Adam Gillen, Neve McIntosh and Steffan Rhodri.

Directed by Simon Evans, Killer Joe is about the Smith family who hatch a plan to murder their estranged matriarch for her insurance money.

They hire detective Joe Cooper, who is also a part-time contract killer, to do the job.

But once he enters their trailer home and comes face to face with their innocent daughter, the plan spirals out of control.

Killer Joe

Orlando Bloom said: “I’m always looking for an opportunity to get back on stage, especially in London, the heart of my home.

“Tracy Lett’s Killer Joe is an incredible, adrenaline-fueled piece of writing, with a dark and gritty character to play.

“It’s an interesting comment on a disenfranchised view of the American dream.

“Whilst Joe may appear to be simply a killer, I believe Lett’s intentions for Joe are far more layered.

“It’s very different from many of the film roles I’m most recognized for.

“After talking it through with director Simon Evans, I know we will create a production that is polarizing, entertaining, dark and funny.

“The play may be 25 years old this year, but the relationships it portrays, especially between Joe and the innocent girl Dottie, speak so brilliantly to the empowerment we’re seeing around the world in 2018.

“It’s the perfect time to be bringing this play back to London, and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it.”


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