Natalie McQueen Is Ready For The Big Screen

Encore Radio: Post-Show Drinks Podcast. Natalie McQueen. Photo: Provided by Agent
Encore Radio: Post-Show Drinks Podcast. Natalie McQueen. Photo: Provided by Agent

Natalie McQueen stars alongside Matt Henry and Killian Donnelly in the filmed version of Kinky Boots, which will be shown in cinemas across the country on 4th and 9th February.

“It’s going to be weird seeing my face in HD!” says Natalie, who reprises the role of Lauren for the film – a character she played in the West End for seven months in 2018.

The multi-award winning production can be enjoyed by fans who have missed the show since it departed the Adelphi Theatre last year, and also new audiences who didn’t get the chance to experience it.

Natalie McQueen in Kinky Boots. Photo: Matt Crockett
Natalie McQueen in Kinky Boots. Photo: Matt Crockett

Natalie admits she’s as big a fan as anyone.

“It’s a real shame for me that it’s not still in the West End. It’s got such a beautiful message. We’d see so many audience members when we were doing it who didn’t really know what the show was about, and by the end of it they’d be tearing up and on their feet. It’s all about acceptance, and they say you can change the world when you change your mind.”

Having cameras filming her performance on stage was a new experience for Natalie, and she tells Encore Radio about the process of recording.

“We did a mixture of some of the live stuff in the evenings which they just put in and then some of it during the days before the show we’d do a couple of times over. It was really surreal. I’ve not really done a lot of work like that with cameras. To do these numbers and have someone panning around you with all this massive equipment was really surreal but an amazing experience.”

“We had Jerry (Mitchell) there overseeing everything and making sure everything was perfect. Not many people in theatre get to experience that and I feel very, very lucky.”

So, with the cameras providing close ups of the drama unfolding, did Natalie feel the need to deliver her part with even more emphasis to make sure it was captured?

“Funnily enough, for me, it was the complete opposite and not doing that. It is on screen, the camera picks up so much and you have to do so little. Obviously, rather than filling a theatre of however many thousand people, you really just need to minimise everything and that was really difficult for me having never really worked on camera before. You get more detail that way which makes it better for camera.”

Natalie – who’s currently starring in 9 to 5 The Musical at the Savoy Theatre – is looking forward to taking her boyfriend and family to see the screening of Kinky Boots, but thinks it will be an emotional outing.

“I think everybody will be a bit teary because it’s going to a unique experience going to my local cinema and seeing myself on it.”

Kinky Boots The Musical will be broadcast in over 650 cinemas throughout the UK on 4th and 9th February 2020.


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