VIDEO | A Trip To See Matilda The Musical

Lily Matilda 1
Lily Matilda 1

Lily Sinclair, 7 years old, was really excited to see Matilda last Saturday.  The upcoming YouTube star, with the help of her dad, filmed the expedition for her YouTube channel.


Fulfilling a dream since she was 4 years old, and having listened to the soundtrack for 3 years, Lily finally went to the “amazing” performance live.

Lily found the musical amazing, by the interval her fondest moment so far was when a character “says ‘calculate this’ and shakes his body around” she tells us in her video.  “I’m not really sure how to describe it!” she continued.



The adorable review on YouTube captured our hearts here at Encore Radio and reminded us what going to the theatre is all about!

Lily lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne and attends Regent Farm First School.  Her favourite subjects are ICT, PE and maths.  She enjoys being part of the Christmas shows the school puts on each year.

At the end of the performance Lily reveals her favourite all-time moment of the performance.  

Watch the video above, or head over to her YouTube channel to see more.


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