A New Dating Site For Theatre Lovers

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There's a brand new dating site and it's entirely designed for people like us!

TheatreDate.co.uk matches people with a common passion, the love of theatre.

They say they're dedicated to helping theatre lovers find their perfect partner – one who shares their passion.

There’s a better chance of having something in common from the very first time you meet.

TheatreDate.co.uk is an all-inclusive website to help you find your perfect partner, whoever you’re looking for, that's why they've got TheatreDate.co.uk/gay.

The manager of the site told us:

“It can be tough to find love in a digital age, so it’s great that TheatreDate.co.uk lets people start on a good footing.

“You know that you’ll have at least one thing in common and sometimes a spark of conversation can lead to great things.

“We love theatre and we want everyone to find their perfect partner for a night out

"Like they say in Wicked, Your future is unlimited. Find your Fiyero!"

You can sign up to find love worry free because TheatreDate.co.uk is backed by Online Dating Protector, working to make sure the sites are scam-free.

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