Three Musicals That Should Be Funded

three musicals that need funding

Creating a musical can cost tens of thousands of pounds, so how do new talents get their ideas funded?

Well some can get lucky and be backed by a theatre impresario, some have to work their way up the ranks of theatre-land hoping for a lucky break, but more and more people are turning to crowd-funding.

Websites like Kickstarter allow writers and producers to share their ideas and then people can help fund it.

We've had a look through at the musicals and found five musicals we think should be funded.

1. The Leftovers by Sheep Soup Productions.

Sheep Soup productions are raising funds for their brand new contemporary musical -The Leftovers - which will premiere at Curve in Leicester in October 2017.

The Leftovers is a comic and stirring contemporary musical about the pitfalls of artistic interpretation - following the sudden death of Jodie, some of her friends join forces in a recording studio. Local singer-songwriter Hayley has penned a song for Jodie, and the makeshift band meets to record the single for charity.

However the situation quickly escalates as the group disagree about what Jodie would have wanted, and the real reasons why they’ve come together.

To find out more or donate click here:

2. Unfolding Tales

This original musical is inspired by the life of author J.R.R. Tolkien. In 2016 it was performed at the Arts Theatre, West-End. This was a dream come true and the production only became a reality because of generous supporters on Kickstarter!

The show is now booked in to perform again at Stockwell Playhouse, 11-12 August, 2017. 

They say:

"Being a Do-It-Youself artist these days can be challenging, especially when it comes to the financial end.

"Even though writing the material is a labour of love, producing a show can be very expensive.

"The problem with new musicals, is that because they cost so much to put on, many wonderful shows go unnoticed. 

To find out more or help fund this show - click here:

3. When You Fall Down- The Buster Keaton Story

James Dangerfield has embarked on a passion project - he loves Buster Keaton so has decided to write a one-man musical about this life.

When You Fall Down tells Buster’s story from his first movie-making experience in 1917, to his signing by MGM 11 years later.

We join Buster on seven separate days, or one week, from this period, following his personal and professional triumphs and trials. With scripted scenes, slapstick, songs and a soft shoe shuffle, the show is a whole new theatrical tribute to one of cinema's greats.

To find out more or to help raise money for this show click here:

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