Rebecca Stenhouse Makes Debut In 'Legally Blonde'


Monday morning. The phone rings... “Tonight, you are playing Elle Woods.”

That’s exactly how this week started for Rebecca Stenhouse, who pulled on many a pink outfit to make her debut as the leading lady of Legally Blonde the Musical, due to the illness of Lucie Jones.

Rebecca usually plays the role of Margot in the production, but has stepped into the role with aplomb at Woking’s New Victoria Theatre this week.

Speaking about how she reacted to the phone call, Rebecca said:

“You have to calm yourself because if you don’t, then you’re going to go on stage, it’s going to go by, and you’re not going to remember what you did in the show.

"You’re not going to enjoy yourself. You’re not going to take in the moment that you’re getting to play this iconic role.”   

Talking to Lewis Mason on the Encore Radio Breakfast Show, Rebecca thanked Lucie Jones for her incredible support as she stepped into her shoes.

“We were on the phone for an hour talking through all the quick changes and I couldn’t have done the show without her. I couldn’t have gone on without her.

"Yes, it was terrifying, but it was sort of exhilarating at the same point.”


 “You have to calm yourself because if you don’t, then you’re going to go on stage, it’s going to go by, and you’re not going to remember what you did in the show."

Having dreamt of playing the role for so long, there was one part of the show in particular that Rebecca was so excited to perform:

“So Much Better. I think it’s one of those iconic musical theatre female songs. I have a really close, personal story that can come with that song and to sing it on that stage and have that moment is sort of an unreal experience.”

Rebecca’s colleagues in the Legally Blonde cast were full of praise for her performance, with Rita Simons, who plays Elle Woods’ close friend Paulette, saying:

“Rebecca has been with us obviously from Day 1 and has watched Lucie and didn’t try to imitate her or mimic her. She had her own take on it so it’s actually really nice – we’ve got two very different Elle’s.

She was so calm and collected. My words were, “I’d be having a nervous breakdown right now”, and look at her, she was just like “I’ve got this, no problem.”  

Lewis Mason and Rita Simons

Despite loving the challenge of Elle Woods, Rebecca wishes Lucie a speedy recovery saying:

“She’s the glue that holds this little cast together. When we first started working together I was so mesmerized by her work ethic. She comes in and is so positive, she gives 100% and nothing ever gets her down. That’s infectious to be around.”

We hope to see Lucie back on stage ASAP, but she can rest assured that the perfect bend and snap is in safe hands with Rebecca. 


Listen to the full interview:

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