WATCH: Amazing Acapella Version Of Songs From Oz

Oz Medley

What happens if you take all the musicals about Oz and turn them into one incredible acapella mash-up?


Well, I'm glad you asked, because this is what happens:


It's a medley of songs from Wicked, The Wizard of Oz and Wiz and is the brainchild of a man called David Rowen.

Here's what he says in the video's description:

"This music video is the culmination and fulfillment of a small dream I have had since college. I attended James Madison University, where I sang in an a cappella group called The Overtones.

"During my last semester of school, I was commissioned by the American Heart Association (AHA) to arrange an a cappella medley of music from Wicked, The Wiz, and The Wizard of Oz for the Overtones to perform at two Oz-themed galas hosted by the AHA.

"Outside of these events, the medley was only performed one other time, and since then, I have wanted to revive and revamp the arrangement, and take the creative vision to new heights.

"With the help of an amazing team, a stellar cast, and generous donors, the new vision has finally come to fruition.”

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