Tomorrow At Noon: Casting Announced For Jermyn Street Theatre Production

Tomorrow at Noon

Casting has been announced for Tomorrow at Noon at Jermyn Street Theatre next month.


The programme of three new plays - responding to one of Noel Coward's Tonight at 8.30 plays - is being produced by the West End's Jermyn Street Theatre.

Glimpse, The Thing Itself and Smite are directed by Jermyn Street Theatre's Deputy Director Stella Powell-Jones.  

The three plays feature Elaine Claxton, Laura Morgan and Laila Payne.

The playwrights - Jenny Ayres, Emma Harding, and Morna Young - were chosen from 390 entrants who had to write a contemporary female response to the onight at 8.30 plays.

Jenny Ayres' Glimpse is inspired by Coward's Still Life - and tells the story of a woman whose history holds too much for her to leave behind.

Emma Harding's The Thing Itself reacts to Coward's Shadow Play. When the sun fails to come up one morning, Vic and Simone must face the dark. But what emerges from the shadows? Truth or illusion?

Morna Young's Smite, inspired by Coward's The Astonished Heart, is a story of buried answers, blind hearts, and life after loss.

Tomorrow at Noon will run from 24 April - 15 May in tandem with Tonight at 8.30


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