Industry Talks is a new musical theatre podcast focusing on the industry professionals that play a pivotal part in getting a musical from page to stage.

On this week’s episode we speak to agent Caroline de Wolfe from theatrical and literary agency Felix de Wolfe.

Caroline tells us more about how the agency was founded by her father after World War II and how she started within the industry. We also speak about the advice she has for people looking to become agents and how the business has changed since her father started the company.

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Show Notes: 

0:00 – 3:32 – Where did the agency Felix de Wolfe begin? We learn more about how Caroline’s father began the agency post the second world war.
3:33 – 10:19 – We speak further about Felix de Wolfe and its position in the industry today, we learn more about what role Caroline plays within the agency. Caroline tells us more about how she began as agents assistant and we also hear Carolines key advice for performers.
10:20 – 13:49 – What does an “average” day look for a theatrical and lit agent.
13:50 – 22:49 – Connor asks Caroline what her father would think about being a theatrical agent today and how a lot of deals were made on a handshake. Caroline also gives advice for people who are looking to step into the arts industry.
22:50 – 25:51 – We learn more about the other roles in the industry that Caroline represents.
25:52 -34:00 – What key skills and qualities do you need to be a good agent and we also hear Caroline’s thoughts on social media for performers. We also find out what Caroline’s favourite part of her job is.


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