Post-Show Drinks, a musical theatre podcast showcasing actors from the West End and beyond.

In this episode, we sit down with Philippa Stefani – who was recently the star of On Your Feet!.

She’s been playing Gloria Estefan on the UK tour of the show which has sadly come to an end early due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The musical features Gloria’s greatest hits, and tells the story of her life and relationship with husband Emilio.

Philippa tells us what it was like to step into an audition and be faced by Gloria and Emilio, how she decorates her dressing room at every tour venue and she reveals the amazing speed at which she has to change outfits during the show.

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Show notes: 

00:50 – 01:54 – Philippa gives us a tour of her dressing room.

02:27 – 03:24 – Philippa tells us some of her favourite stories of touring with On Your Feet!.

03:30 – 04:30 – Philippa shares the story of On Your Feet!.

04:42 – 07:17 – Philippa tells us about the audition process and how she had to sing for Gloria Estefan!

07:30 – 08:14 – Philippa shares tips on how to build a strong relationship with the actors you’re playing opposite.

08:20 – 09:10 – Philippa tells us some of her favourite songs from the show.

09:22 – 10:50 – Philippa shares how many costume changes she has every show – and reveals the amazing speed at which she has to do it!

11:28 – 12:25 – Philippa tells us about her journey through musical theatre.

12:35 – 14:20 – Philippa shares how her family keep her feet on the ground and how she enjoys helping new performers coming into the industry.

14:26 – 18:18 – Philippa plays Prompt Corner.


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