Post-Show Drinks – Encore Radio Podcast: Sam Tutty

Sam Tutty. Photo: Matt Crockett for Dewynters

Post-Show Drinks, a musical theatre podcast showcasing actors from the West End and beyond.

In this episode, we sit down with West End star Sam Tutty.

Sam is currently playing the lead role in the international phenomenon Dear Evan Hansen at London’s Noël Coward Theatre.

During this episode of Post-Show Drinks, Sam tells us what audiences can expect from his Evan, what it means to sing Waving Through A Window and how it felt performing in front of the writers of The Greatest Showman.

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Show notes: 

0:00 – 3:08 – Sam tells us about The Blue Room at the Noël Coward Theatre and what the show is all about.

3:09 – 4:05 – How much pressure is there taking a Broadway phenomenon and putting it on a West End stage? Sam tells us!

4:10 – 4:46 – Sam explains what he’s done to make his version of Evan Hansen unique.

4:47 – 7:14 – Sam remembers the first time he sang Waving Through A Window and how he landed the role.

7:20 – 9:18 – Sam explains what it was like singing in front of Pasek and Paul – who wrote Dear Evan Hansen and The Greatest Showman.

9:30 – 12:00 – Social media is a huge part of Dear Evan Hansen and Sam tells us how it impacts on his life.

16:28 – 17:38 – Sam tells us how important it is to maintain high levels of performance

18:11 – 21:30 – Sam plays Prompt Corner



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