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In today’s Encore Meets episode, we meet three of the stars from What’s In A Name? Bo Poraj, Summer Strallen and Alex Gaumond.

What’s In A Name? tours to Guildford, Glasgow, York, Aylesbury, Cambridge, Windsor, Richmond and Southampton from 5th September 2019.

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About What’s In A Name? 

Father-to-be Vincent and his partner Anna are invited to dinner by his sister Elizabeth and her husband, Peter. They are joined by childhood friend Carl for a mature and sophisticated gathering.

The meal is lovingly prepared, and wine carefully selected. The friends are prepared for the usual humorous exchanges they’ve come to expect.

But tonight, a startling revelation about the name chosen for Vincent’s and Anna’s expected child becomes the catalyst for a destructive argument which spirals hysterically out of control. Tonight no one is holding back! Egos, childish resentment and unspoken feelings are relentlessly and hilariously exposed for the first time.


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